Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So, I Twitter. I love it, though in my limited technical savvy, I doubt I understand all there is to about Twitter. Of course, I have 2 accounts. One for Fragile X (FXNJ) and one for everything else (paulafasciano). My catch-all Twitter account follows news outlets, every cosmetic and beauty related product/manufacturer/blogger out there, working out,celebrities.

I love Twitter....I have to say. It's short and sweet and a great way to share a TON of information to a TON of people. I have tried TweetDeck and Seesmic, but I'm simple, so I prefer

It has helped me spread the word about Fragile X (I use #fragilex) when I tweet about it when I can. It's such a powerful medium.

Twitter measures topics that trend by the number of people who tweet with certain "hash tags" in their tweets.

One trending topic I noticed today was "keepitpositive. Seems like a good idea to promote a phrase with a good message.

I also learned a new word today, on Twitter, thanks to Lisa Rinna (I KNOW, but she tweets cool links). "Wasband" is that guy you WERE married to...your ex-husband.....was-band....I completely LOL at that one today....and with kids and husband home for a snow day, I needed a LOL by about 3pm!

That's all I got today....remember, I'm trying to #keepitpositive!
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