Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is it really ONLY February?

I do realize that February just milestone is A's birthday which is the 5th..but honestly, I'm so done with the post holidays blues, this horrific winter we're having and just things happening in my life in general.
Last night we got to forget about things for a while....we went out to a wonderful dinner with very dear friends, and then we went to see "The Fighter." If you haven't seen it, it's a great film.
I was going to try to be better about blogging in 2011...not sure why it still escapes me so frequently.
I was thinking that putting things "out there" would make me feel better and make it easier to move on when things get me down. Now, I'm thinking just the opposite...that it makes me dwell on things longer when I write them down.
That said, I'm so thrilled with the boys. They don't suffer any of the post holiday just continues for them. Matty is thriving in school, getting really good grades, for the first time ever, enjoying being a middle school student with a hectic schedule that includes afterschool activities. Benjamin is a constant scheduler and needs to know and update you on not only his own schedule, but Matty's Dad's and mine too. He makes me laugh...such a happy little boy. He's also doing beautifully in school, and I couldn't be happier with the way he's developing.
I'm working on our family newsletter, as I prepare to go to Washington DC for the National Fragile X Foundation's Advocacy Day 2011 in March. I realize that we do so many things in any given year, and while our children's progress might not be measured the same way as most, we're still making huge strides each year. We took these boys to Italy last summer for 2 weeks...where they didn't speak the language or understand the culture, and they loved it and had such a wonderful time and are both still talking about it.
I love that they amaze me everyday...right now I'm watching Ben have a football catch with his dad in the foyer....while I want to be all "Don't play ball in the house"...I remember when Ben couldn't hold the football, let alone throw it at all, forget that his accuracy is great these days ( well, and the football is a Nerf).
Matthew wanted his dad to have a NY Jets cake for his birthday....his rationale and this thought process is still maturing, something I worry about all the time, as I've read that boys with Fragile X reach an intellectual plateau in puberty. I will fight that with every ounce of my being, and I will continue to push him and stay on him as that's the only way he continues to grow.
Well....funny....I feel much better now than when I started's a beautiful day here in NJ...considering there's a few feet of ice on the ground, and it's still cold...but so what? We're taking the boys to their basketball games in a few's going to be a great family day!
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