Thursday, June 14, 2007

Finally....others are seeing it!

So today I go to the dentist (my 2nd home since I had children) to have a filling repaired in hopes of avoiding a cap and possible root canal...I am so seriously wishing I could replace ALL my teeth with porcelain veneers and have ALL my teeth be twice their size, white and WITHOUT ISSUES! It would alleviate so many of the dental problems I've had, if only ALL of my teeth were fake!

So, I go in and sit and wait for my appointment. Half of my neighborhood works in this dentist's office, always a pleasure! ;-0

I see one of my neighbors (haven't seen her since surgery) who takes one look at my face and says "Oh my look AMAZING!" I say, thanks, but you know...I'm still swollen, still healing...blah blah blah. She goes, "NO, seriously, you look AMAZING....completely different in your face!" WOW! That about made my day!

So, now...I start to think....Hmmmm, did I look that sad and pathetic before the surgery? Was the Bells Palsy as awful as I felt it to be? Makes me wonder. I feel too, like it looks great already, and yes, I'm still lumpy/swollen in the jaw, but the difference is starting to show. Who knows....maybe it's psychological? I feel better, so I look better?

Whatever it is, I wouldn't trade the feeling and the confidence it's given me for anything. I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful that I could even fathom having such surgery. I hope the angel looking over me never leaves my shoulder!

Onto a much less cosmetic issue...National Fragile X Awareness Day is coming up (July 22nd). Anthony and I are tinkering with some ideas as to how to raise significant funds and awareness. Any of you reading with with great fundraising ideas, please e-mail me some????? We did a letter writing campaign in 2005 and raised a little over $3K. I'd like to double that this year, or at least raise $5K. I have to get moving on that.

Matty and Ben are DONE (mentally) as is their Mommy with school! One more week to go! I cannot wait til it's over...not that the getting up early is going to stop, with both of them going to camp all summer, but at least the HOMEWORK stops! It's a more relaxed atmosphere here.

I feel like I missed last summer completely, with going back to work June 1 of 2006 and commuting 5 days a week in June and July, and 3 and 4 days a week in August. I plan to set up shop on my deck the days I telecommute and get out of this home office! No reason I can't work and enjoy my backyard simultaneously!

I want to take some pictures of the kids this weekend for Father's day and maybe a new one of my much less swollen face...and now that I recently had my hair cut..I can wear it down again!

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