Monday, June 11, 2007

Greetings from Asbury Park

Ha-Ha! Got your attention, didn't I? You're thinking....hey, that's a Bruce Springsteen album title (possibly his last good one) and doesn't Paula follow that "other Spring" guy?

Yes, but it's not about Bruce, or the other, hot Spring guy (sorry sweetie, I can't help it sometimes)'s actually about Asbury Park.

I've only been there once before, Asbury Park, or The Stone Pony, to be more exact. In September 2003 to see the other Spring guy...that was amazing....I digress.

So, upon suggestion by a trusted source (thanks Danielle) Anthony and I went to dinner in Asbury Park on Saturday night to Bistro Ole....Latin infused Spanish and Portuguese food. It was delicious...It's BYOB...and if you bring wine, you can buy a pitcher of sangria and they'll mix your wine in for you! Dinner was great and afterward we did a little drive through..but then it started to rain, so we headed home. I love going to new places and Latin food is one of my favorites!

We had a great weekend with the boys....I took Ben with me to Philadelphia Saturday and we stopped to see Grandpa, who had a Barber Shop FULL of people at 8:45 Saturday morning! We then when to see my dear friend Kristen from high school....I had never met her daughter who will be 1 next month and took Ben to visit with her boys. Then, I dropped him at Grandma Dina's house...she lives 1 mile from Kristen and went to have my hair done.

From a licensed hairdresser(me), I do know that my hair is such a production! Yes, I live in NJ and drive 60 miles to get my hair done...but truth be told, I have tried every place near my house, and never had that great a hair cut, and some horrific color disasters. I travel to Trends Hair Salon in Warminster, PA and Chris has been doing my hair for 3 years now....and I will keep going as long as she continues to cut hair!

We made it back in time to see the end of Matty's last soccer game. Matty and his team mates love Coach Anthony (dad) and then he took them all out for ice cream. That was fun!

I'm so glad the Sopranos are finished....I was disappointed the way it ended. But that's just me, I have definite ideas of how things should have turned out.

If you don't watch Entourage on HBO, I highly suggest's the best 25 minutes on tv each week! It's funny, it's cheeky...good fun for adults! New episodes start June 17th!

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