Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fragile X Syndrome in the News - Chris Benoit tragedy

The National Fragile X Foundation shares in the sorrow surrounding the death of wrestler Chris Benoit and his wife and son. Early reports indicate that the son had fragile X syndrome, the world's leading cause of inherited intellectual disability, and that Mr. Benoit may have been depressed over that fact.

While the parents and professionals who make up the National Fragile X Foundation fully understand and appreciate the difficulties associated with raising a child with fragile X syndrome, we urge all citizens to learn more about the condition and about how, with the proper diagnosis and intervention, those boys and girls, men and women, can be active participants and contributing members of their families, schools and communities.

The U.S. Congress has designated July 22 as "National Fragile X Awareness Day." The National Fragile X Foundation uses this opportunity to help spread awareness about the condition as well as to educate professionals about the best forms of treatment and intervention. This year, on July 20, the National Fragile X Foundation has organized a three-hour, international audio/video webcast featuring many of the nation's leading fragile X syndrome clinicians. This free event is an excellent opportunity to learn about what can be done to provide the maximum opportunities for children affected by the syndrome.

Throughout the world, scientists, doctors, teachers, therapists and counselors are working hard to provide better forms of treatment and intervention. The National Fragile X Foundation has been organizing those professionals and disseminating information to the worldwide Fragile X community since 1984. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a tragedy, such as that involving Chris Benoit and his family, to bring attention to so-called "rare" conditions. To learn more about fragile X syndrome please visit
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