Monday, February 25, 2008

Am I really at home alone?

I feel like I should pinch's Monday morning, I'm working (from home today) and BOTH KIDS ARE IN SCHOOL....husband is AT WORK!!!

It's amazing how time stops when your household is ill. Between my husband and sons, this house has been sick since February 13th.

I had Benjamin home sick last week...and Monday(18th) was a Holiday and Friday (22nd)was a snow day, so I had Matty home then too! Anthony took Friday off too to take Matty for some testing, so we were all home, was hard!

By Saturday I was going a bit loony being stuck inside the house...the only time I got out was Wednesday when I went to the office.

Dad put Benji on the bus and sent him to school only to go to NYC, pick up his laptop and turn around and go get Ben from school. He really had no choice, knew he shouldn't send him, but I had to go to a meeting in the office that day, and there was no way I could stay home. He didn't have his laptop, so we sort of used school as a baby-sitter for 2 hours...which made me feel like a bad mom, but at least we e-mailed the teacher to warn her, she said he was fine and could stay the whole day, but Anthony picked him up anyway.

Saturday I went to have a manicure and a facial....the best 2 hours of my week. We all needed a little bit of distance from each other. I spent the rest of the day running errands, grocery shopping, we went to Church, and then had a lovely dinner out at Cuginetta's house, down the block.

Yesterday we had basketball with both boys, then A took the boys to a birthday party while I cooked since we had friends of ours as their boys over for dinner...the kids had a ball.

So....after our company left....I showered the kids, got them ready for bed, and went to my room to say a prayer that both kids COULD GO TO SCHOOL TODAY.

We watched the Oscars....award show junkie that I am....I love that stuff! I love the glamour, though Cameron Diaz forgot to brush her hair...and even in the crappy LA rain, it was still amazing. I loved the Regis special on ABC, talking to the nominees as they walked was like E!'s 2 hour pre-show crammed into 22 was perfect editing!

So, hopefully we're back to "normal" and kids will be in school all week.

I have a LOT going on with both kids in school, who are both transitioning to different setting after this school year ends. Matty to Middle School, Ben to Kindergarten, but in the special needs world, a transition year means a lot more than a new bus driver! I wish it was that easy!
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