Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Phase 2.....Still making changes

So, a week ago, after 12 days of Phase 1 of the Rapid K cleanse, I began Phase 2.  At my visit, I was down 13 lbs, and 17 inches.  Yes, it's pretty shocking.  I'm not sure if I'm shocked at how many pounds and inches I lost, or at how great and not hungry I'm feeling.

Honestly, I think the magnets that I rotate (every 90 minutes in Phase 2) which are on my hypothalamus glands, really are the science behind the not being hungry.

I went back to 2 days of fruits and vegetables....but this time, instead of cabbage, carrots and green apples, I was able to have mangoes, berries, pears, plums, tomatoes, cucumbers, asparagus and spinach ( the last 2 can be steamed).  I've been in heaven!  On the 2 milk days, I'm able to have 1 egg each day.  It's really been great so far and not at all inconvenient or difficult.

A couple of things I wasn't feel cold....all the time.  I became so used to being overheated, partially thinking I was in early menopause, but in reality carrying a few too many lbs. for my frame....I was perpetually warm, dressing in light layers so that in any given moment, I could shed a few of them.  Now, I'm working in my home office with a space heater.....I'm that cold. It's not the worst thing...just different. I certainly have plenty of clothes to's just that as the day goes on, I'm putting more clothes on instead of removing them.

My skin looks amazing.....funny what happens when you stop putting junk in your body...I sleep better, longer and more soundly too.

I'm nervous about what happens when this cleanse is over, but at the same time, I've been a maniac on Pinterest and other blogs racking up clean eating recipes which I plan to adopt once I can eat normally again.
You know it's odd when for Mother's Day you ask for and get a super duper food help with clean eating.  Now, if I could find my slow cooker, which I'm positive I have never used in 20 years...a bridal shower gift probably still in the box...because many of the clean eating meal recipes I've been collecting are slow cooker meals, where you put all the ingredients in, let it slow cook for 8 hours and DINNER!!!!!

My next cleanse visit is Monday......stay tuned.  Not expecting to drop as much weight as I am inches....since that's the objective of Phase 2~.

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